Design Thinking for Inclusivity

McCaw Hall May 5, 2016 10:30 am - 11:45 am

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Nadia Roumani
Don Howard
Michelle Risinger

The social sector is fundamentally human-centered, committed to improving the lives of others. Yet we often lose site of the targeted beneficiaries as we aspire to make systemic changes. Join Nadia Roumani, as she shares how design thinking is being used in the social sector to identify thoughtful, user-focused interventions within complex systems. She will showcase how design thinking is being used by:

  • Foundations to engage their targeted beneficiaries to determine resource allocation;
  • Nonprofits to improve existing services and creatively identify new products and services,
  • Social sector organizations to internally build a more user-focused, iterative, and creative organizational learning culture;
  • Organization leaders to develop more impactful strategies strategies by integrating design thinking into their strategic planning process.

The session will feature practitioners, highlight case studies, and provide concrete take-aways.

Download the slide presentation for this session.