“Democratizing Philanthropy”

Online March 15, 2023 1:05 pm - 1:50 pm

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Vu Le
Satonya Fair

Philanthropy, particularly as practiced by private foundations and wealthy individuals, is increasingly under attack as being undemocratic. New approaches are being developed, such as trust-based philanthropy, but do they go far enough in remedying the underlying problem? This session will explore that question and others, such as: Can philanthropy become more democratic? Can it be more responsive to the people, organizations, and communities it seeks to serve? If so, how?

Join Vu Le, one of philanthropy’s most outspoken critics, to learn how philanthropy falls short and what can be done to make it more equitable, inclusive, and responsive. Le is the author of the blog NonprofitAF, and the former executive director of RVC, a Seattle nonprofit that works to promote social justice by supporting leaders, organizations, and communities of color. Le will be joined in conversation with Satonya Fair, the president and CEO of PEAK Grantmaking, a national nonprofit organization whose vibrant community of grants professionals are working to transform the sector by operationalizing equitable grantmaking practices.