“Envisioning an Equitable Future – Sustainable Funding for BIPOC-led Social Change”

Online March 23, 2022 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

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Darren Isom
Lyell Sakaue
Tarik Ward

In the SSIR article, “Endow Black-Led Nonprofits,” authors Darren Isom and William Foster note that endowments are not only a gift of money, they are also a transfer of power. This practice however, is rarely deployed, particularly to BIPOC-led social change organizations. We saw a surge in new philanthropic donors to racial equity in 2020, however currently only a fraction of that money can be tracked to recipients. Against the backdrop of historical and ongoing racial bias in philanthropy, it is critical to seize this moment, to bolster the case for a robust, sustainable movement for racial equity fueled by doers and donors to achieve structural change and results for communities of color. And, to offer practical ways to unlock capital for social change, particularly for Black-led organizations, many of which are most proximate to the communities they serve and have the most to offer donors seeking social impact.

In this session, presenters Darren Isom, partner at The Bridgespan Group; Lyell Sakaue, principle at The Bridgespan Group; and Tarik Ward, director of music programs at the ELMA Philanthropies Services, will facilitate a group reflection on a future in which BIPOC-led efforts to build racially equitable systems are abundantly resourced and deliver impact for all of us. Building on their collaborations with field leaders, they will offer some initial ideas for what that future might look like for different stakeholders – BIPOC-led organizations, white funders, and BIPOC donors – as well as some of the things that need to be true to move us closer to that vision.