“From Hunger to Health: Democratizing Development With Data”

Online March 24, 2022 10:00 am - 10:45 am

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Onome Ako
Heather Stobaugh
Hajir Maalim
América R. Arias Antón

In what amounts to a quiet revolution, a small group of NGOs and pioneering governments are upending decades of development practice to more equally distribute power. This shift is particularly striking in the field of health and hunger, where power determines who eats and who goes hungry, who lives and who dies.

Drawing on data-driven innovations in global health and hunger as a lens for examining broader issues of power and social change across the philanthropic sector, Action Against Hunger Canada CEO Onome Ako will lead this session featuring speakers Hajir Maalim, regional director for the Horn and Eastern Africa; Heather Stobaugh, senior research and learning specialist; and América R. Arias Antón, country director for Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The panel will share experiences from the frontlines of efforts to develop evidence-based plans for transferring power, examine the ripple effects of power redistribution, and illuminate ways that the analysis of power structures can become routine philanthropic practice.