“Power for All: Harnessing Power for Positive Impact”

Online March 22, 2022 9:05 am - 9:50 am

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Julie Battilana
Johanna Mair

We face today a multidimensional crisis: the intersection of a global public health pandemic, increasing gaps in income and wealth, and continued racial and gender inequalities, all happening in front of the backdrop of worsening global warming. This multidimensional crisis is fundamentally a crisis of “power concentration.” To better understand how we have reached this point, changemakers need to develop a deep understanding of the innerworkings of power, which is an essential ingredient for effecting change.

Harvard Professor and co-author of the book Power for All Julie Battilana, in conversation with SSIR Academic Editor Johanna Mair, will discuss the fundamentals of power, debunk the common myths surrounding it, and discuss how to harness power for positive impact in our lives and in the world. By explaining what power is and what it is not, this discussion will help the audience understand and navigate power in their relationships, organizations, and society. We will discuss how to identify one’s own sources of power, and see power not as dirty business, but instead energy than can be used for good. This talk will dive into what changemakers must know about power and how to use that knowledge to change our social and economic systems to make them more fair, more green, and more just.