“The Power of Political Innovation”

Online March 15, 2023 10:00 am - 10:45 am

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Johanna Mair
Yordanos Eyoel
Caroline Weimann
Christiana Bukalo
Anthony Ubani

For decades, civil society organizations have attended to social problems while refraining from engaging in politics. But that is beginning to change. A new field of practice is emerging – political innovation – that seeks to reinvigorate democracy by emancipating social innovation from this stricture. These new organizations have risen around the world. This session will explore what these organizations have in common and the possibilities that their work holds for helping revitalize democracy.

This session will be led by Johanna Mair, academic editor of Stanford Social Innovation Review and professor of organization, strategy and leadership at the Hertie School. She will be joined by Yordanos Eyoel, founder and CEO of Keseb, Caroline Weimann, founder of JoinPolitics, Christiana Bukalo, co-founder of Statefree, and Anthony Ubani, pioneer executive director of #FixPolitics Initiative.