“Trust-based Philanthropy in Practice: In Conversation with Rohini Nilekani”

Online March 24, 2022 9:05 am - 9:50 am

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Rohini Nilekani
Priya Shanker

Over the past two decades, Rohini Nilekani has been a strong influence in the Indian social sector ecosystem. A noted activist, writer, and philanthropist (whose foundation–Nilekani Philanthropies–is located in Bangalore), Nilekani’s efforts support organizations that work towards healthy, vibrant, active communities and networks. She has direct lived experience building organizations, and her philanthropy now focuses on emerging themes that are essential to an equitable, inclusive society. As a philanthropist, Nilekani has been a long-time advocate for having more open conversations about trust, failure, co-creation and difficulties in collaboration.

In this fireside conversation with Stanford PACS executive director Priya Shanker, Nilekani will share her thinking on the role of trust-based philanthropy in building effective and ethical solutions to social and environmental challenges. Whether it is work on environmental sustainability, independent media, gender equity, or social justice, Nilekani believes it is time for innovative philanthropy to take bigger risks.