“Trust Between Government and Citizens: The Key to Responsiveness?”

Online March 22, 2022 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

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Jasmina Haynes
Arman Azizyan
Aidan Eyakuze

How do we ensure governments respond to the needs and requests of citizens? New evidence has highlighted the importance of the role played by trust between citizens and government, who can together – under the right conditions – identify shared problems and collaborate on solutions. So what implications does a collaborative approach to accountability have for the power dynamics between citizens and the people who serve and govern them?

In this session Jasmina Haynes, CEO of Integrity Action; Arman Azizyan, project management and development specialist at the Armavir Development Center; and Aidan Eyakuze, executive director of Twaweza East Africa, will explore how we can scale up this thinking from problem-solving within communities to tackling some of the biggest challenges facing societies, such as COVID and climate change – moving from a transactional social contract to a collaborative “social compact.”